Announcement – CSO Appointment

Announcement – CSO Appointment

We are excited to announce that Minttu Kansikas has been appointed as Chief Scientific Officer to lead the research efforts and laboratory functions. Congratulations!

Minttu is a co-inventor and one of the leading scientists behind the cancer predictive DiagMMR® testing. She has over 10 years of experience in Lynch syndrome and DNA repair research activities. Minttu has been with LS CancerDiag from the very beginning and is a key contributor to the successes the company has achieved so far, and will certainly continue to do so as she takes on the responsibility for our laboratory functions and research & development activities.

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LS CancerDiag has launched a funding round in collaboration with Springvest

The company aims to raise €5.4M in capital to support the expansion into the United States and introduce DiagMMR® to the largest health care market in the world.