Introducing the newest LS CancerDiag Board Members

Introducing the newest LS CancerDiag Board Members

Introducing the newest LS CancerDiag Board Members:
Patrik Dahlén and Tuomas Tenkanen

We aim to improve and significantly increase the detection of Lynch syndrome in the population and create a new diagnostic standard with our technology. During the past years, we have effectively made advancements in business development, brought the technology to the commercialization stage, and protected it with a broad patent portfolio. Currently, our company is moving from the pilot to the growth phase. Our vision is to become the global leader for Lynch syndrome diagnostics and establish our DiagMMR test as the new gold standard for Lynch syndrome testing .

Our team should represent a combination of the field’s top researchers with experienced healthcare leaders from the industry to achieve this vision. Therefore, we are excited to announce that two experienced life science leaders have recently been appointed to strengthen the board.

LS CancerDiag was founded in 2013 by the University of Helsinki professors Minna Nyström, Hannes Lohi, and entrepreneur Matti Koskelo. The three founders and visionaries are still active board members. In addition, two experienced leaders in the diagnostics industry, Patrik Dahlén and Tuomas Tenkanen, have recently been appointed to the company’s board of directors.

The current board composition brings to the company several decades of scientific background and extensive experience in international business and M&A, especially in healthcare innovations. The board members also are experienced in implementing healthcare innovation business models to, e.g., the US market. The board’s commercial strength is complemented by the management team’s experience and know-how in finance, strategic and operational planning, logistics, and procurement. The team combines specific expertise in the life sciences and diagnostics businesses’ internationalization, commercialization, and growth.

Board member Patrik Dahlén strengthens the company’s capabilities and networks through decades of experience in operational and board work in diagnostics and life science companies. His expertise includes, e.g., CEO and VP positions at Immunovia, Dako, IDS, SSI Diagnostica, and PerkinElmer. Dahlén has extensive experience working on the boards of various healthcare companies, both as a member and as chairman. He is a biochemist by training and has a Ph.D. from the University of Turku.

Board member P Dahlen

LS CancerDiag board member Tuomas Tenkanen has created success stories in company development, mergers, and acquisitions within the healthcare industry. His intellectual capital is a valuable resource in the execution of the company’s growth strategy. Tenkanen is a well-known serial entrepreneur and investor in the industry. He has successfully developed life science companies, e.g., Mobidiag (sold in 2021 to Hologic) and Finnzymes (sold in 2010 to Thermo Fisher Scientific). He holds a master’s degree in engineering and has been granted an honorary doctorate at Aalto University.

Board member T Tenkanen

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LS CancerDiag has launched a funding round in collaboration with Springvest

The company aims to raise €5.4M in capital to support the expansion into the United States and introduce DiagMMR® to the largest health care market in the world.