LS CancerDiag featured on StartUp Health TV

LS CancerDiag featured on StartUp Health TV

Back in January when we were living in a different world, our CBO Philippe Arnez talked with Logan Plaster at the StartUp Health Festival in San Francisco. You can watch the full interview below which is now available on StartUp Health TV

Little did we know what was waiting around the corner! Many things may have changed and shifted around us, but we are still commited to help clinicians and patients around the world to diagnose Lynch syndrome reliably and enable  cancer prevention.

LS CancerDiag is proud to be part of this dynamic and inspiring community. We are glad to have had a delegate representing the company and sharing our mission and vision. It was also a good opportunity to reconnect with fellow health transformers and industry leaders in health care.

Like LS CancerDiag, these enterpreneurs, corporations and organizations are committed to transform health care in radical ways to achieve their health moonshot. In the case of LS CancerDiag it is to end cancer through prevention. By improving the detection of Lynch syndrome, which is the most common hereditary cancer predisposition. The company joined this ‘global army of health transformers’ in 2016 and was one of the first Finnish companies to be accepted into this illustrious circle. StartUp Health provides valuable support, in particular in view of a future market entry to the US. They have a extensive network and are an influential platform to help building our DiagMMR® brand.

Invest today!

LS CancerDiag has launched a funding round in collaboration with Springvest

The company aims to raise €5.4M in capital to support the expansion into the United States and introduce DiagMMR® to the largest health care market in the world.