March is the colon cancer awareness month

March is the colon cancer awareness month

We are living through truly unprecedented times. As a company we are taking all the necessary precautions to keep our employees safe, while continuing to serve our customers. However, we also want to take a moment to think of all the families and individuals affected by colon cancer. It is March, and March is the colon cancer awareness month.

Cancer patients are among the risk groups that need to take extra care during the current COVID-19 pandemic. We therefore ask each and everyone of you, to think of the risk groups and consider twice before leaving the house. Do follow the rules established by your government and public health officials. It is important for everyone, but especially for the risk groups!

Colorectal Cancer Ribbon

You hopefully already heard about it, but if not, then keep on reading. It all comes down to ‘flattening the curve’. The Washington Post has published a great article to visualize what that means, and how it is achieved. Please take this seriously and do your part to mitigate the impact of  the pandemic. Out of respect for society and because only if we all work together, will the health care system be able to cope with the tremendous burden. As many health officials put it:

It is not a question of if, but when.

The wave of disease will hit virtually every country, but how we all behave will decide over the dimension of the impact, the pressure on the health system, and ultimately the fate of its population.

Colon cancer is the most prominent cancer in Lynch syndrome. Therefore this month has a special significance for everyone involved in Lynch syndrome, be it as affected family, patient, clinician, hospital, researcher or company. However, Lynch syndrome is associated to many types of cancers, and thus it is in these times that all cancer patients need our support more than ever!

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