Meet our team: Mariann Kasela

We are delighted to announce that Mariann Kasela has been appointed as Production Manager and will be responsible for the DiagMMR® production operations. Congratulations! Mariann has been with the company from the early days and

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Lynch syndrome awareness day

Lynch syndrome. Even though it is the most common hereditary cancer syndrome in the world, it is mostly unknown. Lynch syndrome prevalence is currently estimated at 1 in 279 globally[1], meaning that in Europe alone

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📢 One of the missions that the @EU_Commission is launching, is the #MissionCancer which aims to save three million more lives in the next ten years.

🩺 The first priority is to understand cancer and the second priority is prevention

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As this peculiar year comes to an end, we hope that you will make time to wind down and spend time with your loved ones, be it in a small safe circle or in whichever conditions your location may allow.

We wish you happy holidays and look forward to seeing you in a better 2021!

In such a difficult year it's even more important to highlight and celebrate achievements! To start the week positively, let's put our hands together for our newly appointed Production Manager: Mariann Kasela. Congratulations! #promotion #WomenInSTEM #PhD

We are very sad to hear the news of Albert's passing, our hearts go out to his family. He was a truly remarkable scientist and inspiration to all of us.

The weekend is near, but before you close your laptop, have a look at our new neat video. We hope you like it as much as we do! Let us know what you think! #LynchSyndrome #DiagMMR #CancerPrevention #MissionCancer

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