Lynch syndrome awareness day

Lynch syndrome. Even though it is the most common hereditary cancer syndrome in the world, it is mostly unknown. Lynch syndrome prevalence is currently estimated at 1 in 279 globally[1], meaning that in Europe alone

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For those attending @CGAIGC conference make sure to check out the virtual poster from our brilliant CSO Minttu Kansikas (et al): '#DiagMMR, a novel carrier test to detect inherited MMR deficiency' in the event app (under #LynchSyndrome) #CGAIGC20 #MissionCancer

Getting ready for the Startup Discovery Session at #FH20 on Personal Genetics & Genomics! Thanks @FrontiersHealth for having us and giving #LynchSyndrome a stage! #DiagMMR #MissionCancer #StartUpHealth

The US celebrated #GCAwarenessDay yesterday honoring the #GeneticCounselor profession. Europe must increase its #GeneticCounseling capacity and implement corresponding curricula. If genetics is going to transform healthcare, suitable education is critical.

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