Meet our team: Mariann Kasela

We are delighted to announce that Mariann Kasela has been appointed as Production Manager and will be responsible for the DiagMMR® production operations. Congratulations! Mariann has been with the company from the early days and

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Lynch syndrome awareness day

Lynch syndrome. Even though it is the most common hereditary cancer syndrome in the world, it is mostly unknown. Lynch syndrome prevalence is currently estimated at 1 in 279 globally[1], meaning that in Europe alone

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Even though it's the most common inherited cancer syndrome in the world, Lynch syndrome it largely unknown. March 22nd aims to change that by being the Lynch syndrome awareness day. #LynchSyndrome #CancerPrevention #MissionCancer

📣#LynchSyndrome is the most common inherited cause of #ColorectalCancer & #EndometrialCancer
📣1 in 279 individuals have #LynchSyndrome (1.2 million Americans)
📣 Only 5-10% are aware of their diagnosis. #ColorectalCancerAwarenessMonth

Today is International Women’s Day and we are proud to celebrate the achievements and contributions of all our female team members, without whom our company would simply not exist! #womensday #womenleaders #womeninstem #diversity #inclusion #missioncancer

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