About LS CancerDiag

LS CancerDiag Ltd is committed to reducing cancer mortality rates with a simple and accurate diagnostic method for inherited MMR deficiency. The MMR deficiency is associated to Lynch syndrome, the world’s most common inherited cancer predisposition. Our vision is to make DiagMMR the new global standard test for Lynch cancer syndrome diagnosis, and support the early detection of the disease even before tumors develop.

Lynch syndrome is the main cause of hereditary cancers with a broad spectrum of tumors, the most prominent being colorectal and endometrial cancers. With an estimated 1 in 300 people of the world’s population being affected by Lynch syndrome, there are millions of people under a highly increased risk for cancer.

Our groundbreaking DiagMMR assay is an unique functional test that can be used for diagnosis of MMR deficiency i.e. Lynch syndrome (previously known as Hereditary Non­Polyposis Colorectal Cancer; HNPCC).

Our mission is to enable an easy and accurate Lynch cancer syndrome detection or exclusion, provide actionable results, and help prevent cancer through an innovation that dramatically simplifies diagnostics of Lynch syndrome by delivering predictive, reliable and accurate testing.


Our Mission

We provide reliable Lynch syndrome diagnostics to empower families and healthcare professionals to make better informed decisions for cancer prevention.


Our Vision

We strive to become the global leader
for Lynch syndrome diagnostics.

Lynch syndrome is characterized by an inherited functional deficiency in the mismatch repair (MMR) process in cells. The genes encoding for MMR proteins involved in this process have been identified and studied for many years. Our founder and CEO Prof. Minna Nyström is an internationally distinguished expert in this field. Back in the 90s when she started to use sequencing as a novel method to enable disease causing mutation finding in the susceptibility genes, she already saw possible limitations in the method.

She realized that knowing the DNA sequence changes, while being useful information, would not reveal the actual malfunction of the encoded MMR proteins, unless it was possible to test for exactly that. So she set out to develop such a method. DiagMMR is the result of many years of dedicated research to get to the point, where MMR functionality, and functional deficiency typical to Lynch syndrome, can be analyzed directly without the need of any underlying clinical data. It can therefore help medical professionals and patients alike, by providing actionable results and help answering questions that remained unanswered to this day.

This new method supports the trend and the need to combine existing data with new insights and data points to enable more personalized treatments and preventive measures in the fight against cancer. 

Our Company values

  • We respect healthy life
  • We create and share knowledge
  • We commit to trust and quality
LS CancerDiag is based in Helsinki

LS CancerDiag is based in Finland and was founded as a
spin-off from the University of Helsinki.


Our purpose is to improve global health outcomes by providing reliable diagnostics for Lynch syndrome and promote awareness about hereditary cancer risks. Guided by our values of respecting healthy life, creating and sharing knowledge, and committing to trust and quality, we aim to become the leader in Lynch syndrome diagnostics and empower families and healthcare professionals to make better informed decisions.

Our People

Learn more about our team and the people
that make up LS CancerDiag.


Founding year

LS CancerDiag is founded as a spin-off from the University of Helsinki, also thanks to an ERC grant.



First patent granted in Australia

Australia is the first country to grant the patent to LS CancerDiag for the DiagMMR® innovation.



Clinical validation begins

The clinical study to validate DiagMMR® is initiated with the central hopsitals of Helsinki and Jyväskylä.



Clinical validation completed

The extensive clinical validation is complete with excellent accuracy results.



CE mark as IVD MD obtained

DiagMMR® is CE marked as in vitro diagnostics medical device.



Launch to domestic market

DiagMMR® is launched in the Finnish market in collaboration with two distribution partners.



LS CancerDiag receives international attention.

LS CancerDiag is selected for various programmes across Europe for supporting the new phase of growth.



Successful fundraising of €5.4M

LS CancerDiag raises funds in record time to establish operations in the US and fuel the growth ambitions into this key market.


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LS CancerDiag has launched a funding round in collaboration with Springvest

The company aims to raise €5.4M in capital to support the expansion into the United States and introduce DiagMMR® to the largest health care market in the world.