LS CancerDiag

LS CancerDiag is committed to reducing cancer mortality rates with a simple and accurate diagnostic method that detects an inherited cancer-causing condition prior to cancer. Our vision is to see DiagMMR® as a new global testing standard in Lynch syndrome diagnostics.

Lynch syndrome is the main cause of hereditary colorectal cancers and it also causes a broad spectrum of other tumors. With a significant proportion of the world’s population carrying the Lynch syndrome mutation, there are potentially tens of millions under a severe risk for being affected by Lynch syndrome.

Our groundbreaking DiagMMR® assay is an easy functional test that can be used for diagnosis of MMR deficiency i.e. Lynch syndrome (previously known as Hereditary Non­Polyposis Colorectal Cancer; HNPCC).
Our mission is to save lives through an innovation that dramatically simplifies diagnostics of Lynch syndrome by delivering predictive and accurate results with a fast, unique and cost-efficient method globally.