Meet our TEAM

Minna Nyström, Founder and Chairman

Professor Minna Nyström (prev. Nyström-Lahti), PhD


Professor Nyström is the leading inventor of DiagMMR® with more than 20 years of experience in the field of Lynch syndrome research and has had an active role in both the identification of the LS related genes and mutations as well as the bettering of LS recognition through over 50 scientific publications in the field. Prof. Nyström is an active member of the International Society for Gastrointestinal Hereditary Tumours, InSiGHT.

Niklas Lahti, Chief Financial Officer

Niklas Lahti


Mr. Lahti is responsible for operational and financial management, investor relations, and shareholder management. He has gained experience in investment banking and other industries before joining LS CancerDiag.

Philippe Arnez, Chief Business Officer

Philippe Arnez, MSc


Mr. Arnez brings a wealth of experience from corporate roles in major blue-chip companies on an international level in Europe and the Americas, with responsibilities for strategy development, change management, procurement and logistics. He is responsible for commercial partnerships, international expansion, marketing & communications, strategic planning.

Minttu Kansikas, Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. Minttu Kansikas, PhD


Dr. Kansikas has worked on Lynch syndrome research in Prof. Nyström ́s lab for over 10 years and is a co-inventor of DiagMMR®. Her doctoral thesis, “Recognizing Lynch syndrome by DNA mismatch repair deficiency” focused on pathogenicity assessment and interpretation of LS associated mutations and functional detection of reduced mismatch repair.

Laura Vähätalo, Production Manager

Dr. Laura Vähätalo, PhD


Dr. Vähätalo is responsible for the laboratory production of the DiagMMR® assay, as well as the interpretation and management of the results. In addition to the production management, she also specializes in the quantitative detection method. She has extensive experience in molecular biology techniques and biomedical research.

Jaana Putula, Quality Manager

Dr. Jaana Putula, PhD


Dr. Putula has vast experience in cell culture and works to ensure the meticulous handling of patient samples from sampling to testing. In addition to coordinating the sample handling and running the cell culture processes, she assists with other processes of the DiagMMR® testing.

Mariann Kasela, Researcher

Mariann Kasela, MSc


MSc Kasela works as a researcher at LS CancerDiag and specializes in the functional assessment of MMR proteins. She has broad experience in MMR research, cell culture and biotechnology.

Anu Harju


Anu has extensive and versatile laboratory work experience, particularly in cell culture and molecular techniques. Anu supports the daily laboratory operations at LS CancerDiag and participates in DiagMMR® sample handling.