DiagMMR® is designed to be a predictive diagnostic tool that enables preventive follow-up and counselling for affected mutation carriers who are at high risk for developing Lynch syndrome related cancers.

While current LS diagnosis relies on tumor studies, the quantitative DiagMMR® method allows carrier diagnosis based on a non-invasive tissue sample before the person has developed a cancer, without the knowledge and details of an inherited mutation.

DiagMMR Laboratory


DiagMMR® innovation has several outstanding benefits compared to the current diagnostic tools:
  • DiagMMR® diagnoses Lynch syndrome from a non-malignant tissue sample before tumors appear making it predictive instead of reactive.
  • DiagMMR® is a fast single functional test replacing the current large array of tests.
  • DiagMMR® delivers results that are easy to interpret.
  • DiagMMR® costs less than current test panels, saving significantly in healthcare costs on a global scale.