Our vision is to make DiagMMR® the global standard test for Lynch cancer syndrome diagnosis.

DiagMMR® is designed to be a predictive diagnostic tool that enables preventive follow-up and counselling for affected mutation carriers who are at high risk for developing Lynch syndrome related cancers.

While current Lynch syndrome diagnosis relies heavily on tumor studies, the quantitative DiagMMR® method allows carrier diagnosis based on a minimally invasive tissue sample before the person has developed any cancer, without the knowledge and details of an inherited mutation.

The inherent challenges to variant interpretation in genetic testing can be avoided and the conclusive and actionable results removes the burden of uncertainty from both the patients and the treating medical professionals.

DiagMMR Laboratory


DiagMMR® innovation has several benefits compared to the current diagnostic tools:

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LS CancerDiag has launched a funding round in collaboration with Springvest

The company aims to raise €5.4M in capital to support the expansion into the United States and introduce DiagMMR® to the largest health care market in the world.