Lynch syndrome and DiagMMR® easily explained

Lynch syndrome and DiagMMR® easily explained

We are delighted to share our newly created video about Lynch syndrome and DiagMMR®!

In this short 2-minute video we provide a summary of what Lynch syndrome is and how our newly developed functional assay DiagMMR® can help solve currently unclear cases.

Lynch syndrome is characterized by an inherited functional deficiency in a mismatch repair (MMR) proteins. The genes encoding for MMR proteins have been identified and studied for many years. Our founder and CEO Prof. Minna Nyström is an internationally distinguished expert in that field and back  in the 90s, when she started to use sequencing as a novel method to enable disease causing mutation finding in the susceptibility genes, she already saw possible limitations in the method.

She realized that knowing the DNA sequence change, while being useful information, would not reveal the actual malfunction of the encoded MMR proteins, unless it was possible to test for exactly that. So she set out to develop such a method. 


From sample to test: measuring protein functionality directly from a patient derived sample.

DiagMMR® is the result of many years of dedicated research to get to the point, where MMR functionality, and functional deficiency typical to Lynch syndrome, can be analyzed directly without the need of any underlying clinical data. It can therefore help medical professionals and patients alike, by providing actionable results and help answering questions that remained unanswered to this day.

This new method supports the trend and the need to combine existing data with new insights and data points to enable more personalized treatments and preventive measures in the fight against cancer. 

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Thanks to Life Science Animation for bringing this story to life.

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