March 22nd is Lynch syndrome awareness day

March 22nd is Lynch syndrome awareness day

Even though it is the most common inherited cancer syndrome in the world, Lynch syndrome it largely unknown. In order to bring about change and improve awareness, March 22nd has been declared Lynch syndrome awareness day.

With an estimated prevalence of about 1 in 300 people, there are millions of people in thousands of families around the world who have Lynch syndrome but are unaware of it.

The following video gives a brief explanation of the key characteristics of Lynch syndrome and how it can be detected. 

People with Lynch syndrome have a highly increased risk to develop cancer during their lifetime and a significant younger ager than the general population.

Lynch syndrome is most prominently linked to colorectal and endometrial cancer, however, other types of cancer, including small bowel, bile duct and gall bladder, ovarian, urinary tract, kidney, stomach, pancreatic, and prostate cancers also occur at significantly higher rates compared to the general population.

However, today it is estimated that only about 5% of Lynch syndrome cases are diagnosed. Taking into account that cancer prognosis is much better when detected at an early stage, it would be critical to identify the millions of people living with LS globally for whom cancer prevention could be achieved. 

A timely diagnosis allows for appropriate screening and treatment to improve health outcomes and reduce healthcare and societal costs.

Lynch syndrome stats

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